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What is Embedded Vision? – New Vision Campus Video

If you think industrial cameras are roughly the size of a carton of milk and their computers are big enough to work as chairs, you're a little behind the times. Machine Vision system components were as big a few years ago, but not any more.

Over time PCs have shrunk, in some cases down to no more than a compact, application-specific processing board. The cameras have gotten smaller, too and are now often available without a housing – allowing them to be integrated into a larger system.

These two trends toward miniaturization of PCs and the camera make it possible for vision systems to be produced affordably and for highly specific applications. A system of this kind is referred to as an embedded vision system.

Want to find out more about this topic? Then watch the new video in the Vision Campus on What is Embedded Vision? It contains more in-depth information, such as how an embedded vision system is constructed, its benefits and where these systems are used.

The Vision Campus contains detailed articles and videos on Machine Vision and on Vision technology in general. We explain for example why it's important to choose the right lighting for your image processing task and why CMOS sensors are the technology of the future – presented in text and video form. See for yourself!

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