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New Maintenance Release 3.0.2 for MERLIC 3

The latest maintenance release 3.0.2 for MERLIC is now available and supports new revisions of image acquisition and I/O interfaces....

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3DPIXA Provides 3D image Processing with a Wide Field of View

Chromasens' newest camera, the 3DPIXA dual 200 µm HR, is designed for high-speed 3D inspection tasks requiring a maximum field-of-view of 1400mm (55 inches)...

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Xenics at BiOS and Photonics West 2017

Xenics, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors, cameras and customized imaging solutions from the SWIR to the LWIR realm, comes to BiOS and Photonics West 2017...

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Colorful: What Makes Basler Color Cameras so Special?

We are seeing a growing demand for color cameras. This heightened interest is driven by new applications in which images are no longer used solely for computer-based analysis....

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What is Embedded Vision? – New Vision Campus Video

If you think industrial cameras are roughly the size of a carton of milk and their computers are big enough to work as chairs, you're a little behind the times....

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What is Embedded Vision? – New Vision Campus Video

If you think industrial cameras are roughly the size of a carton of milk and their computers are big enough to work as chairs, you're a little behind the times....

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USB 3.0 as an Alternative to Camera Link – Tips for Switching

The USB3 Vision Standard and associated USB 3.0 interface have been on the market for some time now. Since the introduction of this interface technology, a growing number of users have been considering whether...

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The ace GigE cameras with Sony’s IMX sensors and the PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor and all ace USB 3.0 cameras have two I/O types: direct coupled GPIO and opto-coupled I/O....

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Basler Goes to SPIE Photonics West

The Basler team is going to San Francisco for the SPIE Photonics West Exhibition. Right on the first day of the show, on January 31, Scott Graber, Senior Applications Engineer at Basler, Inc., will host a demo session....

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Ahead of the 3D Wave – Basler's First ToF Camera Entering Series Production

After a successful conclusion of the innovation and evaluation phase and extremely positive customer feedback Basler's first 3D camera, the Basler ToF camera, is now entering series production...

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Stable USB 3.0 Camera Systems Thanks to Harmonized Accessories

To set up a stable USB 3.0 system, all the components in the system must be harmonized to work together. Our latest White Paper "USB 3.0 Use Cases and Testing Vision Components...

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Embedded Vision – What Is It and How Can It Help Me?

"Embedded" is a currently-popular buzzword, in the field of image processing as well. Want to learn what "embedded" really involves and why you need it for your vision application?...

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Cameras in Medicine and the Life Sciences

Medical devices, labs, operating rooms : all are increasingly outfitted with cameras. The fields of microscopy, ophthalmology, pathology, endoscopy, lab automation and biomedical research...

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The Right Solution for Many Applications: Benefits of a Broad CMOS Portfolio

Sony, the world's largest producer of CCD sensors, announced last year that it was halting production of that technology.Since then, a growing stream of users has made the switch to cameras with CMOS sensor technology...

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Wide-Angle “FUJINON HF6XA-5M” Machine Vision Lens

FUJIFILM Corporation has announced the development of the FUJINON HF6XA-5M wide-angle Lens (hereinafter “HF6XA”). This new product, which has an external diameter of 39 mm and a focal length of 6 mm, is the world's smallest* Machine Vision lens...

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Pleora GigE Vision over NBASE-T Video Interface Brings Bandwidth Boost to Imaging Industry

Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance video interfaces, today unveiled the first solution that brings the bandwidth and Cat 5e cabling advantages of NBASE-T technology to the vision industry...

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pylon Camera Software Suite and Basler Cameras in Robotics Applications

The market for robotics applications using vision technology is growing constantly. The cameras are especially beneficial to applications with industrial robots...

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Machine vision up close: MVTec at VISION 2016

MVTec Software GmbH will be showcasing its newest technologies at VISION Stuttgart, the world's leading trade fair for machine vision.....

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Happy Birthday! The ace 5 MP Turns Five

The green light for series production of the Basler ace 5 MP GigE camera (acA2500-14gm) came in early 2011. The USB model of the highly successful camera followed in 2013....

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New USB 3.0 Industrial and Single-board Camera Series

The Imaging Source, international manufacturer of machine vision cameras and software for industrial imaging, has just announced the introduction of a newly developed series of industrial...

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Edmund Optics® Augments 25mm TECHSPEC® Precision Aspheric Lens Line

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, highlghts its TECHSPEC® Precision Aspheric Lenses. These lenses are designed to focus light, while they eliminate spherical aberration from divergent light sources...

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Discover the Possibilities behind Machine Vision!

We'll be on hand at the All-over-IP in Moscow (23-24 Nov. 2016)showing you how machine vision cameras can optimize your applications. Our highlights for this year come from the fields of embedded vision and 3D technology!...

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  • Tips for cleaning dust from a sensor

    July 2018
  • When changing lenses on machine vision cameras, some dust might get into the camera and land on the sensor’s cover glass. If this occurs, this dust will affect image quality.

  • Fundamental of Image Processing Systems

    January 2018
  • Everyone prefers foodstuffs that are fresh and outwardly attractive. Image processing systems are frequently used during the quality assurance process for these products to ensure that this is the case...

  • USB 3.0 Cameras

    December 2017
  • USB 3.0 is the newest interface on the image processing market. Read here about when USB 3.0 is the ideal choice for your applications, factors to remember during installation and which camera models Basler is offering you..

  • What Are Vision Inspection Systems?

    October 2017
  • Vision inspection systems (sometimes referred to as machine vision systems) provide image-based inspection automated for your convenience for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.....

  • What is Embedded Vision

    July 2017
  • In recent years, a miniaturization trend has been established in many areas of electronics. For example, ICs have become more and more integrated and circuit boards in the electrical industry have become smaller...

  • High-Speed Camera Technology

    July 2017
  • The precision engineered range of mikrotron high speed camera is manufactured with supreme quality raw material. The clarity and sensitivity of the picture is truly defined by mikrotron high speed camera...

  • Basler Cameras by Comparison

    January 2017
  • The PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor are currently among the most powerful sensors for the machine vision industry. They combine excellent image quality with high speeds and are therefore highly suitable....

  • Imaging System Resolution

    October 2016
  • In order to know how a lens works, it is critical to understand resolution, magnification, contrast, f/#, and how to read common performance curves including Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), Depth of Field (DOF), Relative Illumination, and distortion.


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