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HALCON 20.11 Now Available

MVTec Releases HALCON 20.11: Customers save 20% on HALCON Steady 20.11 SDK

MVTec Brings HALCON's Core Technologies to the Next Level

HALCON 20.11 comes with many new and improved features that help you further enhance your machine vision performance. It is available for both the Steady and Progress editions. As a result, in addition to these newest features, HALCON Steady customers now access the numerous new features available in the last Progress releases since HALCON 18.11.

New Features in HALCON 20.11


In HALCON 20.11, the core technology edge-supported, surface-based 3D matching is now significantly faster. The major speedup can be achieved in case of many edges and objects in the 3D scene. In addition to this speedup, the usability has been improved by removing the need of setting a viewpoint that defines the position of the sensor.


Deep learning edge extraction is a new and unique method to robustly extract edges (e.g., object boundaries) that comes with two major use cases. Especially for scenarios where a variety of edges is visible in an image, MVTec's deep learning edge extraction can be trained with only few images to reliably extract the desired edges. Hence, the programming effort to extract specific kinds of edges is highly reduced with MVTec HALCON. Besides, the pretrained network is innately able to robustly detect edges in low contrast and high noise situations. This makes it possible to extract edges that usual edge detection filters cannot detect.


With network pruning, users have the option to subsequently optimize a fully trained deep learning network in terms of storage requirements and speed. With this feature it is possible to control the priority of the parameters speed, storage and accuracy and thus modify the network according to application-specific requirements


HALCON 20.11 introduces a new HALCON/ Python interface. This enables developers who work with Python to easily access HALCON's powerful operator set.


For enhanced usability, HALCON's integrated development environment HDevelop has been given a facelift. In HALCON 20.11, more options for individual configuration have been implemented, e.g., a new modern window docking concept. Moreover, themes are now available to improve visual ergonomics and to suit individual preferences.

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