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Unleash the Full Potential of the P-Iris

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P-Iris technology

Image Source: computar.com

Ever heard of P-Iris? Well, it's like the James Bond of iris technology! But what does it actually do? P-Iris lenses are used to provide clearer and more precise images compared to traditional lenses. The "P" in P-Iris stands for "Precise," which refers to the advanced iris control mechanism used in these lenses. P-iris works with software embedded into the compatible camera to automatically determine and set the iris opening size to produce the best picture quality. These features make them ideal for high-end security cameras in critical applications like airports, government buildings, and banks. With P-Iris lenses, security cameras can capture images with more detail and accuracy, making identifying potential threats and intruders easier.

How P-Iris Works

P-Iris is an iris control type that is automatic and precise. The main function of the DC auto-iris lens is to adjust the iris based on lighting conditions. The P-Iris control optimizes the image quality by setting the best iris position based on multiple factors. The precise digital iris control enables the camera's software to communicate with the lens, allowing it to set the F-Stop where the lens performs optimally. At the same time, the P-Iris camera software electronically adjusts the gain (amplification of the signal level) based on the F-Stop, eliminating the need for a neutral density filter and maintaining the optimal iris position for as long as possible. The result is improved image contrast, resolution, and depth of field. With the P-Iris feature, you may select or prioritize the best iris mode suitable for your application. You may choose Best Quality or Best Depth of Field.

Best Quality

In normal situations, the selected iris position and a camera's electronic processing capabilities adjust the exposure based on lighting conditions. Megapixel cameras with the P-Iris technology automatically instruct the iris to move to a different position. In dark conditions, the iris will fully open. In bright conditions, the P-Iris camera will limit the closing of the iris to a position that avoids diffraction or blurring. Megapixel cameras with the P-iris system can also minimize the difference in resolution between the center and corners of the image, enhancing overall picture quality and sharpness.

Best Depth of Field

Highspeed cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports. Their ability to capture very fast movements makeDepth of field refers to the distance in front of and beyond the point of focus where objects appear to be sharp simultaneously. A wide iris opening reduces the depth of field, while a smaller opening increases it. A good depth of field throughout the scene is essential to achieve optimized image quality. Typically, megapixel sensors have smaller pixels that can result in a narrow depth of field. The P-iris added to the megapixel camera will optimize the available depth of field, providing overall sharper images and enhancing foreground and background resolution. The technology is particularly useful in scenes with critical foreground and background resolution, such as in a long corridor.

In addition to their superior image quality, P-Iris lenses are highly durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are designed to resist dust, moisture, and even vandalism damage. This makes them a reliable option for outdoor security cameras operating in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, P-Iris lenses are compatible with a wide range of camera models and brands, making them a versatile option for security system integrators. Overall, P-Iris lenses are a smart investment for organizations looking to enhance their security systems with the latest technology.

The P-Iris (Precise Iris) lens series was specifically developed by Computar to deliver the maximum performance of Megapixel IP cameras. The P-Iris automatically adjusts the iris setting and allows you to select the best quality or depth of field while delivering the highest sensitivity to suit your application. This innovative technology contains many exciting features and is a step up from conventional fixed, manual, and auto iris lenses.

  1. Precise Iris control improves image quality.

  2. Optimizes resolution at both the center and corner of the image.

  3. Optimizes depth of field and shutter speed

Compatible with Allied Vision Technology's GT1290 Series cameras.

Source: computar.com


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