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Motorized Lenses

Theia’s motorized lenses are designed for integration into cameras for automation, robotics, and video surveillance applications and require motor drivers and controllers. The lenses are suitable for remote set up and occasional zooming and re-focus, but are not intended for continuous use of the motors as in PTZ applications.

Theia offers a downloadable Motor Temperature Calculator that estimates the temperature of focus and zoom motors after cycles of running and cool down.

Theia offers motor control boards that are suitable to control the P-iris lens versions. You will find more information about the Motor Control Board at the link shown.

  • 4-10mm, 9-36mm and 12-50mm focal ranges
  • Up to 4K, 12 megapixel, 300 lp/mm resolution
  • Near IR corrected for multi-spectral and Day/Night applications
  • Zoom and Focus motors with optional photo-interrupter motor stops
  • P-iris and DC auto-iris versions with optional integrated IR cut filter
  • CS and D25 board mounts; C mount available for some models
  • For 1/1.7” image sensor formats or smaller

Related Lenses

  • Motorized 5+ Megapixel Telephoto: TL936
  • Motorized 4k Telephoto: TL1250
  • Motorized 4K Lens: TL410

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