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Kron Technologies

Kron Technologies

Kron Technologies Inc. is a Canadian high-speed imaging system design and manufacturing company, located in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Area (British Columbia). Kron was founded by owner and visionary Engineer David Kronstein who wanted to make high-speed imaging accessible to everyone.

When David was an engineering student in 2006, he was fascinated by the slow-motion imagery captured by Mythbusters and similar TV shows. David searched for a high-speed camera for his own projects and soon discovered that high-speed meant a high price tag. Frustrated with the lack of affordable options, he embarked on the journey of creating his own high-speed capture camera from scratch.

We are a company centered around the principles of making the world of high-speed imaging available to everyone from Researchers to Media Creators in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, advertising, and environmental sciences.

Our focus is providing a self-contained, fully-featured product at an affordable price. Our cameras feature open-source software and constantly evolve as we work closely with our partners to improve the feature set and versatility.

Chronos cameras are designed, engineered, and produced in-house at our Canadian headquarters, and available direct and through distribution to markets worldwide.

Products by Theia Technologies


  • Chronos 1.4
  • Chronos 2.1-HD

Accessories & Kits

  • Lights

    1. Godox SL100D LED Light
    2. Godox SL-200W III LED light
    3. Godox SL300 III Light
    4. Godox SLB-60W Battery Powered LED Light
    5. Godox FLS8 Fresnel Lens
    6. Studio Light stand

  • Lenses

    1. 6-60mm f/1.6 zoom lens
    2. Computar 12.5-75mm f/1.2 zoom lens
    3. Computar 12mm f/1.4 prime lens
    4. Fujian 35mm f/1.7 prime lens
    5. Microscope lens
    6. Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikon F zoom lens
    7. Tokina 10-17mm DX Fisheye Lens
    8. Tokina ATX-i 100mm F2.8 FF Macro
    9. Tokina ATX-i 11-20mm F2.8 CF

  • Adapters

    1. C mount spacer 1mm
    2. C mount spacer 2mm
    3. CS-C adapter (5mm Macro Ring)
    4. FotodioX Canon EF/EF-S Lens Adapter to C-Mount
    5. FotodioX Nikon F Lens Adapter to C-Mount (G-Type)
    6. Micro Four Thirds Mount

  • Triggers

    1. 30m (100′) BNC extension cable
    2. 7.5m (25′) BNC Extension Cable
    3. BNC Coupler
    4. Trigger Switch cable

  • Storage
    1. eSATA to SATA Cable
    2. SanDisk 250GB SSD

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